Website development

A presence on the internet is essential for the success of modern businesses, small and large. With a well developed website, potential customers can quickly find you and learn about your products and services.

I specialize in the development of websites that are "neat, tight and bright" and "built to last". I will ensure that your site will appear and function correctly on all standards compliant web browsers. It will also be easily maintained and updated.

How to get your website

Firstly, use the contact page on this website to send me an email outlining your requirements.

Once we have agreed the scope of the project, I will provide a detailed quote. I can then go on to develop your site using your preferred graphics and text.

During the development you will be given plenty opportunity to test drive and comment on the site before the finished product is uploaded to a server. I can assist you with renting space on a server if you do not have your own.

Finally I will show you how the site can be maintained and updated as you please. Alternatively I can offer a package of ongoing maintenance.

An example of my work

I created the above website for the Paralympic gold medalist swimmer, Matthew Walker.

Following his return from the Beijing Paralympics in 2008, Matt needed a way to promote himself and manage his contacts with the press. The website which I developed with him has proved very popular and has prompted a number of enquiries.

I have also just started developing a site for my archery club, Saxon Archers.

Optional features

Some examples of features that I can build into your website are demonstrated below. Feel free to contact me if you have specific ideas you would like to discuss.

lightbox is an image viewer written in javascript that can load an image onto the current page whilst dimming the rest of the page. The result is very impressive but can only be seen if images and javascript are enabled on the browser.

div switching is a technique to show hide or swap parts of the page without the need to reload the page. Again this can only be seen if javascript is enabled on the browser. Click on the hello link below for the demonstration.

Say hello

This area could hold images, maps, input forms, or just text. Without navigating away from the page. If javascript is not available then this area will always be shown.

Say goodbye

visitor information is a technique to show the information collected from the users browser, below is just a small selection of the information we can retrieve.