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Single column layout

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CSSEdit.png I have moved the entire site over to a single column layout after using my brothers iPhone to view the site. It made me reevaluate the usefulness of the sidebar. I may come back to this later as the blog grows, but for now, I'll just do without it.

I should have remembered, KISS *

* Keep It Short and Simple

Why Movable Type

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MTspanner.png Movable Type was not my first choice of blogging software to use. I didn't need anything fancy but I did want to learn how these systems work. Apple's iWeb has a blogging function built in but there are two problems with using iWeb for blogging.

  1. The site needs to be hosted on apple's servers via .Mac now called MobileMe.
  2. iWeb does produce standards compliant html and css but not very efficient and not easily maintainable outside of iWeb
I looked at quite a few other systems and tried out WordPress. Initialy I thought WordPress would be ideal. Easy to use, simple to customize and it produced quite nice markup. However there was just one little problem, well quite a big problem actually. Security, as of this moment there are a few outstanding vulnerabilities relating to WordPress. They involve sql injection and XSS (cross site scripting) attacks.

Then I looked at Movable Type. The xhtml it produces is quite nice and does not suffer from the problems that WordPress does. Setup is not as straight forward as WordPress but so far for me at least everything has gone well.

Live on the web

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Cyberduck.pngI have just finished installing Movable Type. The install went fine but I opened too many connections to my web server and got myself locked out. It was a long 10 minute wait until I could get back in.

I have now chosen not to "open new connection" when transferring files in Cyberduck.